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MensajeTema: Reincarnation   Dom Abr 13, 2008 12:37 pm


The Spirit is created simple and ignorant, but having been given free-will (which is the capacity to choose between good and bad) it makes its own decisions and creates its own destiny. In this manner each Spirit has the possibility of developing, evolving and perfecting itself just like a student in school, who passes from one grade to another by means of taking various courses. Spiritual evolution requires intensive periods of learning, which can only be achieved by means of incarnating in a material world. Each Spirit acquires further knowledge through the multiple experiences offered with each physical life and will continue to reincarnate periodically for as many times as is necessary.

The progress achieved by each Spirit during the many experiences it has passed through in every one of its innumerable physical existences, is not only intellectual but most of all moral. It is exactly this aspect of growth that permits the Spirit to approach ever close to God.

But just as every student must repeat each failed lesson once, twice or more times, so a Spirit who has not made good use of its time on Earth may remain stationary for long periods of time, undergoing more suffering, and consequently delaying its evolution.

It is improbable that we will ever know how many incarnations we have already had, and impossible to know how many more we shall need in the future.

Nevertheless, we do know that as backward Spirits we have many, many incarnations still to come until we reach the necessary moral development required to become pure Spirits.

However, not all of these incarnations will take place on this planet. There exist both inferior and superior worlds to Earth. When we have reached a more advanced state of evolution, it is possible that we may then reincarnate on another planet, of a higher order. The Universe is infinite and as Jesus said: "In the house of my Father there are many Mansions". The planet Earth is a world of inferior moral status, as can be seen by the lamentable panorama of humanity today.

But planets also progress and so this planet is destined to be transformed into a place of regeneration, just as soon as all humanity decides to practise good, accept the brotherhood of men and work towards fellowship.


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